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Celebrity Customer Feedback?

June 20, 2017


We just had to let you see this! It’s always nice to receive positive customer feedback, but this is special. Biff’s owner is a long-standing account customer at TBS Daventry.

What’s more, Biff is a celebrity in his own right. Remember the John Lewis Christmas 2016 advert – the dog on the trampoline? “Buster the Boxer” is our very own Biff!


Rubbish DIY of the Week?

June 19, 2017


Santa, don’t try this one! There are “stacks” of reasons why it’s bad. Common sense “flue” out of the window!

We can only hope this was a very temporary make-good until the scaffolders arrive to do a proper repair.


Do You Suffer From Work Rage? This Guy Does!

June 13, 2017

Image should be moving. If it isn’t, click on it.

It seems that, as life gets faster and more stressful, “workplace rage” is on the increase.

If you think you may be a sufferer, you can find some confidential advice in the link here.


Have You Met the Soil Pipe Monster?

June 9, 2017
Image: Niknaks Blog, via

Image: Niknaks Blog, via

Don’t know where this is, but hats off to whoever does their displays!


Plumbing: It’s All in the Detail, Right?

June 9, 2017

As we all know, it’s those thoughtful touches that make a job just right.

Which clearly isn’t what happened in these pictures!

Click on images to enlarge

Click on images to enlarge



white-trash-repairs-try-to-fall-off-again-you-stupid-thingSo tastefully done!

Have YOU stumbled upon any more examples of plumbing fitting that didn’t quite work? Got any pics? We’d be happy to give them an airing here on the blog!

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