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Accidents on Building Sites – and a Charity that Helps Victims

August 11, 2017


Accidents in the workplace happen. In the construction and warehousing world, they can easily lead to serious injury, even death. Here are just a few examples – and some good news.

One report in The Construction Index concerns a contractor employed to work on a cottage in Dorset. The site was sloping and the original foundation was shallow. As the contractor dug below the level of the old foundation, the gable wall collapsed. This knocked him to the ground, but some masonry also went through the window of the excacator, switching it into gear. The contractor’s leg was pulled in and caught under the track – it later had to be amputated. It means a hefty fine for the construction company – and a builder who can’t work any more.

In this second report, a builder’s labourer in London suffered multiple leg fractures when the newly-built first floor of a house collapsed, having been overloaded with concrete blocks. The labourer fell 3m to the ground, with concrete falling around him. He still can’t walk properly and is unable to return to work.

Finally, this report concerns a construction worker on the new Queensferry Crossing in Scotland, who was hit and killed by the boom of a crane he was directing.

Thank goodness, then, for The Lighthouse Club Benevolent Fund– the construction industry’s charity. They can give financial help to thousands of families plunged into financial crisis when they lose their breadwinner’s income through illness, injury or death. It has branches all over the UK and Ireland. Find out more by clicking the link above, or call 0161 429 0022.


Recycle Your Old Tools and Workplace Materials – Here’s How

January 13, 2017

Is your garden shed full of old tools? Did you inherit your dad’s old toolkit? Or maybe you’re a fitter with a load of boards you need to shift? All too often, the easy answer to this common dilemma is to hire a skip.

But is there a better way? What if your old equipment could be used by charities to help the world’s poorest people?

TBS were asked by the nice folk at The WorkPlace Depot for our thoughts on this matter. So we put together a blog post with plenty of helpful links to various companies and charities which receive tools, equipment, white goods, used timber, etc. You can read the article here:

Of course, you could recycle things on location…?

TBS is always ready to receive your old tools, as we always have a charity project in a developing country which we support each year. For example, this one:


Tools donated to TBS were used on this project in Sierra Leone



TBS Supports Charity Project in Africa: Your Old Tools Could Really Help!

January 5, 2016

Building a goat enclosure at Waterloo, Sierra Leone

Here at TBS we believe in helping the disadvantaged where we can. Each year, our company likes to support a project in a developing country. We supply materials and know-how, and sometimes manpower too. Some of our customers have even been to the project and helped.

Working with registered charity JF Life Trust (charity no. 1107952), our 2014 project was in Sierra Leone. Two of our customers went and used their expertise to make furniture and play equipment for a school, and to construct a building for an animal husbandry initiative.

In 2015 it was Kenya’s turn. We have already helped to build a skills centre in a rural town called Kimilili, where local people can be trained in skills including wood and metalwork. The focus on this return visit was on the metalwork side, chiefly welding.


Making tables for a skills centre in Kimilili, Kenya

We’re still working out our 2016 project to support, but it may turn out to be in Rwanda. And we would like to invite YOU to be part of it.

Do you have any surplus hand tools, old power tools and accessories, or welding kit  that you would be willing to donate? Or do you know where we could track some down? It doesn’t even have to be working properly – in our experience, the African project leaders usually find a way of making it work!

If you are able to help us with this, please let us know, either by calling by or giving us a ring on 01327 877378. We can happily store tools and equipment until it needs to be shipped. We would be very grateful – and so would the end-users in Africa!

For further information, you can email Trevor at

Some of the tools donated in 2015

Some of the tools donated in 2015

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