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Insulated Cavity Closers Reduce Condensation and Mould

June 13, 2017

1d3b4a13dab4435d9c93936f30940c6eAs experienced tradesmen will tell you, insulated cavity closers are the economical way to close cavities around window and door openings when you’re building.

TBS is pleased to offer you Dacatie Insulated Cavity Closers, from Quantum Profile Systems. As a market leader, the Dacatie brand gives you the assurance that you’ll be complying fully with building regulations.

Dacatie Insulated Cavity Closers are made of reconstituted PVCu and include insulation which is CFC free and zero rated for Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP). They offer a highly versatile solution in first fix installation when a frame former is not required.

The closers come in 2.4m lengths. The SF-Multi is good for cavities 50 – 100mm. The TF-Multi (at our Towcester branch only) is good for cavities 100 – 150mm.

These beauties reduce the risk of condensation, mould and moisture migration across the cavity.

They overcome variations in cavity width.

And you don’t need any ties – simply nail them to the blocks.


Insulated Damp-Proof Coursing – the Best of Both Worlds

May 3, 2017

Are you doing a new build or an extension? Or maybe a refurbishment of doors and windows? You’ve obviously thought of the horizontal damp-proof course, but have you considered the need for vertical insulation where the cavity is closed?

There can be a problem of cold gathering around window and door openings in traditional cavities. This can lead to condensation, which in turn can involve staining and mould growth – all due to a lack of insulation.

TBS stocks Dacatie DP3 Insulated DPC, from Quantum Profiles. Building Regulations (England and Wales) require the back edge of the frame to be positioned 30 mm in from the inside edge of the outer brickwork.

Dacatie Insulated DPC is  easy to install as the brickwork is constructed. No special fixings needed – and no difficult installation techniques. You can cut it easily with a knife or trowel, and you can overlap it without no loss of efficiency. It’s CFC and HFC free as well.

So, for an economical and energy-efficient answer to insulating cavities, look no further than Dacatie DP3 Insulated Dpc.

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