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Common Mistakes to Avoid in Home Renovation

August 9, 2017

Every so often, we come across an article that is so useful that we think you should all have a look. Well here’s one, courtesy of HGTV: 25 Biggest Renovation Mistakes.

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Here are a couple of “tasters” of the trade wisdom offered:

21. Not Doing the Prep Work

“Do it the right way, right away. You shouldn’t avoid your prep work. You want to take the time to do it right and right from the beginning.”

Adding to that wisdom is contractor Jim Collins: “It’s a horrible, tedious process, and nobody likes it, but it saves so much time later on down the way. And that’s what you’re trying to do: save yourself money and time.”

17. Going Too Trendy

“People often make the mistake of wanting to be too hip in their new home by picking the latest, hottest, coolest things,” says carpenter Carmen De La Paz. “What they don’t take into consideration is that trendy means that it’s short term.”

Jim Collins adds, “You want something that’s going to stand the test of time, something that’s going to last for years and years.”


12. Using the Wrong Paint

“People often make the mistake of picking the wrong paint for whatever particular project they may be working on,” says De La Paz. “You don’t realize that there is paint for just about every surface.”

“Flat is basically for your ceilings and sometimes for your walls,” adds carpenter Jeff Devlin, “whereas your semi-gloss would be for trim in a bathroom or in maybe a dining room. The glossy will give it a more upscale look.”

Want to see more? Then click on the link above and you’ll get the full article. Nice one, guys!


Is This Skip Abuse?

July 25, 2017


Talk about taking the Micky! Don’t these guys realise that most skip hire companies set maximum levels on weight and volume?

For some useful tips from the trade on skip usage, follow this link.


The Tiler’s Revenge?

July 6, 2017


Now that’s harsh! Did the customer not pay up or something?


Rubbish DIY of the Week?

June 19, 2017


Santa, don’t try this one! There are “stacks” of reasons why it’s bad. Common sense “flue” out of the window!

We can only hope this was a very temporary make-good until the scaffolders arrive to do a proper repair.


Mini-Diggers are Great – but Keep ’em Upright!

April 3, 2017


This picture reached us this morning. Evidence – if any was needed – that you have to do your maths before driving a Bobcat-type vehicle. The key issue here was the downward sloping ground.


You don’t have to search hard to find that this isn’t an isolated problem. Small diggers are falling over in many places, through human error.



One can only assume this was a speed issue?


And this one maybe handbrake? Any suggestions?

There are plenty of websites offering guidance for safe use of mini excavators. Here is one example.

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