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Taking the Train? Don’t Forget the Sink Plunger!

August 9, 2017


A brilliant piece of ingenuity! Oh, and by the way, TBS sells these – just click here: Industrial Sink Plunger.

Do we have a new market here: commuters?


Bathroom Ceramics: How Close is Too Close?

August 8, 2017

The bathroom / toilet / loo – whatever you call it, one thing’s for definite: it’s private, isn’t it?

Clearly, whoever had this put in, didn’t think so! Is this what they mean by “close coupled”?



We rather thought this arrangement went out with the ancient Roman public latrine (see photo), but apparently not.

Roman latrine in Ostia, Italy

Roman latrine in Ostia, Italy

Mind you, a form of privacy can be easily created…

Click images to enlarge

Click images to enlarge

Have YOU seen any wild and wacky bathroom arrangements? Feel free to tell us (use the Comments option)  – or even send us a pic?


Wheelbarrows and Skips – Tips from the Trade

August 3, 2017


Talk about adding insult to injury! But seriously, how do you tackle the task of emptying wheelbarrows into skips? We asked some of our experienced tradespeople. Here’s their advice:

  • Not all skips are the same. Some have a flap door on the front, so you may not even need a ramp. Shop around before you hire.
  • If you need a ramp, 2 scaffolding boards, one on top of the other, is the traditional way. They’re usually 13′ long. The double thickness gives the ramp strength and prevents it bowing too much.
  • Make sure the skip is positioned so you have enough room for a decent run-up.
  • No need to get a ramp right to the top of the skip. Just build it so you can get the lip of the barrow over the lip of the skip then pivot on that to tip the barrow. It means you only need a smaller ramp and there’s less hill to push up.
  • If your barrow does start to tip over on the ramp, then get out of the way and don’t try to stop it. It’ll only take a couple of minutes to shovel the spillage back up, which is a lot quicker than a trip to hospital!

This post from DIY Doctor gives helpful advice on where you are allowed to site a skip in the UK and what you can (and can’t) put in it.


Scary Timber Delivery Clip – Enjoy!

July 26, 2017

They clearly have fewer weight regulations in whatever country this is – and absolutely no Health & Safety!

Note the guy standing on the passenger step as a counterbalance

Please don’t expect TBS delivery drivers to do this for you.


Curious Architecture: Staircases to Nowhere in Particular

July 25, 2017


The “stairs that lead nowhere” are more common than you’d think – as these photos show.


Even escalators are getting in on the act!


They can be outside…

… or indoors – we really don’t mind.



What subliminal message is it trying to send?

Is it art, perhaps? Or the influence of Hogwarts?


One thing’s for sure; the phenomenon isn’t going away.


And even if they try to remove the evidence, there are clues!

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