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Look After Your Garden Fence the Professional Way

August 11, 2017


Every fence needs good protection. Even if your fence has stood strong, if it hasn’t had any loving care for more than 5 years, it’s probably time to treat it again. TBS stocks everything you need to keep your fence (or your shed) looking great and able to withstand the elements.

Particularly on a north-facing fence, panels and posts can start looking a bit green. Everbuild Fungicidal Wash is just the ticket. We sell a 1L spray bottle or a 5L container for painting or spraying. Just treat affected areas, leave for a while, and brush off with cold water.

TBS can supply you with traditional brush-on wood stains and protectors, but we also sell Ronseal Fencelife Sprayable. It’s the quick and easy way to give thorough, lasting protection to your fences and your shed.

Forget the extension leads!

The Ronseal Power Sprayer uses a 6v powered motor for consistent pressure and even coverage. It boasts a precision fan nozzle for accurate and controlled spray pattern.  The control trigger is engineered for ease of control. The sprayer has a convenient 2m hose. Clip straight on to a tub of Fencelife Sprayable and away you go. No pumping, no pouring, no mess!  The Power Sprayer’s batteries are good for the treatment of up to 40 fence panels, at around 2 minutes per panel.

TBS stocks a range of popular colours

Ronseal Sprayable Fencelife comes in 5 litre tubs. It is wax-enriched for maximum protection. It protects against fading too.

TBS stocks the following popular colours:

Dark Oak     Forest Green     Harvest Gold     Medium Oak     Red Cedar

Sprayable Fencelife is touch-dry in 1-2 hours, depending on the type and condition of the timber.

Ronseal guarantees 5 years of excellent, durable protection to your fences – which means peace of mind for you!


Keep Your Gutters Clear of Leaves and Debris – with a Porcupine!

June 27, 2017

Are you still climbing up a ladder every autumn to clear your guttering of moss and leaves? Tedious business, isn’t it! Well, now there’s a simple but ingenious answer.

TBS stocks the Porcupine, from Brett Martin – a very effective way of keeping virtually any domestic gutter system clear of debris. It sits in your gutter and fills the available space.

Its high quality polypropylene filaments are securely fixed to a central rust-free, stainless steel core. They let water run along the gutter but keep leaves out.

The Porcupine is practically maintenance-free. It’s easy to install, too: just push each length between the gutter and the roof tiles. It comes in 2m lengths, so you do need to calculate the total length of your gutter run and do the maths. Each length costs £8.30 + VAT.

That may sound a bit steep, but compare it with the cost of hiring someone every year to come and do your guttering – while the Porcupine will still be sitting there when Fulham win the FA Cup!

Adam Tree

You could use them as interesting party wear? Or probably not…

PD1018_large.ashxAnd while we’re at it, if your guttering is looking old and getting a bit disjointed, now would be a great time to replace it.

TBS sells Brett Martin pipe, gutter and fittings in roundstyle (black, white, brown and grey)


squarestyle (black, white, brown)


and deepstyle (black, white).  We also stock the rise and fall brackets to get everything draining at the right angle.

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